Posted on Oct 17, 2019

Manifest Thy Will

Ideas for Creating your Own Ritual Routine

To hold build your own ritual routine that gets you in the mood and opens up energy to provide you the best results for your spiritual work, we recommend selecting 3 or more of the following practices and combining them into a beautiful ritual for your evening:

1- Keep the lights off and light candles instead.
2- Cleanse your sacred space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudge stick.
3- Take a mineral bath.
4- Listen to soul soothing music.
5- Set up a crystal grid.
6- Write in your journal.
7- Take a yoga class or practice at home (yoga nidra is perfect for deep relaxation!).
8- Pull tarot cards.
9- Enjoy a cup of tea and a nourishing meal.
10- Gather with your spiritual community.
11- Meditate (Use your favorite technique or enjoy this potent light scanning. meditation from Danielle Laporte).
12- Go for a nighttime walk.
13- Take deep breaths in nature.
14- Conduct a night-time ritual for lucid dreaming.
15- Sleep under the stars.

Manifest Thy Will

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